The Market Has Picked Up And Refined Products Have Been Popular

- May 22, 2017-

  With the acceleration of the urban development process, the market operation model that has been established only because of the cluster effect has not been able to keep pace with The Times. The chaotic layout, the backward management, the lack of matching have increasingly obstructed the long-term management and development of the home building materials market. Brands and market vendors mixed one room, not only that afflict, famous brand is to let the enthusiasm of the terminal customers decorate new home and excitement exhausted in the fatigue and confusion. 

It is urgent to reshape the business space form, the scientific and standardize the business combination, and the development space of the industry. The home building materials market urgently needs some big scale, scientific management, unified investment and new operation space and model, to drive the continuous development of the industry. It is believed that the traditional industry can also see the business logic of this: the newly upgraded building materials center will become the home building materials industry "just need"! 

The brand management of current household industry still is traditional "extensive type", and the future must be "elaborative" the brand is cultivated. And the development trend of household building materials brand, only the strength of the enterprise is strong enough, can develop multi-brand strategy, and realize the mutual harmony between multi-brand. 

In the current situation of the industry, the household building materials enterprise brand is the commonality, lack individualized brand. Experience in brand management is not mature, for the brand to consumers without segmentation, enterprises do not understand the market, is for the brand and "hard" brand. 

Ready for the future direction of the market, "custom" household can present a very strong demand, mainly in the wooden door, wardrobe, cabinet customization requirements will be higher. In consumption patterns and consumption patterns, market, relying on domestic outfit company a package will be more and more high, so similar to mass customization, can realize large-scale production, so the relative individuation is relatively easy to implement the market at present. But whether custom or not, in the future home building materials enterprise still needs classic product. Now the market is a "hybrid", with more and more original brands. 

The trend of future home market is mainly concerned with the development of commercial space, operation mode, overall customization and brand effect. According to the four directions, household building materials enterprises at the time of layout planning and development in the future, need to be more accurate positioning, on the one hand, need to make sure that the quality of the product design, on the other hand in the sales management, brand promotion needs to adapt to the demand of the market now. 

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