The Ministry Of Environmental Protection Resold, And Substandard Household Enterprises Will Be Closed At The End Of September

- Sep 16, 2017-

 The ministry of environmental protection reported recently that companies that fail to upgrade their emissions will be closed until the end of September. The state council also announced a major safety inspection in July and October, and all of China's 34 provinces and municipalities will be "inspected". Environmental protection, safety bureau to fisticuffs again zero tolerance on governance, industry insiders said factors causing the price of more than 2017 open raw materials prices and the rise in price, also including the rest more than ten kinds of factors, had more sanitary and upstream suppliers have been shut down regulation, some experts said the second half of this year will be the most cruel bathroom industry reshuffle for half a year. 


The most thorough new round of inspection in the home industry 


Pay attention! Another storm will sweep across the home industry! For four months, the home industry has to be careful, careful, and careful... Safety administration under the state council announced in October 7 to carry out safety inspection, all the 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China ceramics factory, wood factory, wardrobe, bathroom hardware factory will be "checked", none were able to survive. Some people in the industry lament: the environmental protection storm has not extinguished, the security storm, this round of rounds of inspection, to force the industry to shuffle the CARDS. In the future, environmental protection, safe production does not achieve the position of enterprises, it is difficult. 


The general administration of safety and supervision: a major inspection of production safety in July and October, and a centralized renovation in July 


The safety administration of the state council issued the "production safety committee of the state council about to carry out the safety in production major inspection notice, announced on July to October for various enterprises in big check for up to four months. The inspection will punish a number of illegal ACTS in accordance with the law; We will thoroughly control a number of major accidents. We will close down a number of enterprises that violate the law and regulations and fail to meet the conditions for safe production. Accountability exposes a group of units and individuals who are not responsible for the implementation of the measures and inadequate measures; We will strictly implement all the responsibilities and measures for security prevention, and resolutely curb major and major accidents. 


The inspection of safety supervision should not be ignored. Enterprises with the following problems should look into themselves immediately: 


According to the report of shenzhen security council, the following six conditions are easy to be neglected in the factory, and many enterprises have been unlucky. The enterprise that has similar problem, hurriedly search! 


1. Storage of hazardous chemicals not stored in dedicated warehouses; 


2. Failed to formulate emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents and transit warehouse of dangerous products; 


3. Failed to set up the security system for the safety production accidents; 


4. Non-periodic inspection of special equipment; 


5. Failing to organize workers to carry out occupational health examinations according to law; 


6. Violation of the occupational-disease-prevention provisions. 


It will be closed before the end of September if it is unable to upgrade its emissions 


Ministry recently reported, will strictly governance "messy" enterprises as one of the main content of strengthening supervision, cannot upgrade satisfy the business, before the end of September this year will be closed. In the second half of the year, the ministry of environmental protection will strictly regulate the environmental protection issue. At the same time, the most stringent environmental protection law in history will ensure that the supervision of the "five-step method" will be effective and the law will become the norm. 


Beijing-tianjin-hebei and its periphery: companies unable to upgrade and upgrade their emissions will be shut down by the end of September, and will cut off power, water, and clearing. 


, according to the epicenter wide net, the Shanghai securities news reported on July 14, the environment ministry, by the end of June, beijing-tianjin-hebei in 28 cities and surrounding areas have check out "messy" 17.6 enterprise, cannot upgrade satisfy the business, this year will shall be closed before the end of September. 


Administration of environmental protection environment head field as yong bulletin, beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas to strengthen the supervision for the control of air pollution in the three months, to strengthen the inspection teams have check more than 3.2 enterprises, of which more than 2 m enterprises environmental illegal problems, accounted for above 64%, especially the "messy" enterprises, number of illegal problems such as pollution treatment facilities not perfect. 


By the end of June, the number of "scattered" enterprises that had been checked and reported to the region had reached 176,000. At the end of September, all enterprises required to be unable to upgrade and upgrade would be closed down. 


Field as yong said that environmental protection perform very strict system of charge-offs, "messy" enterprise regulation, for example, to shut down the enterprise must implement the "two broken sanqing", namely, water, electricity, raw materials, clean equipment, clean site. 


Previously, the idea of "environmental inspectors influencing local economies" has attracted widespread attention for its over-coverage. In response to this, tian has responded to the situation by taking high pressure on the illegal enterprises in the environment, which will not affect the normal development of the social economy. "There are no procedures, no governance facilities, no" scattered pollution "of the emissions of the targets. No enterprise should exist anywhere." 


When will you start checking your factory? 


7- August inspection key points: to supervise whether to complete the discharge permit before the end of June; "Elevated source" automatic monitoring equipment installation, networking and operation; Emission of industrial pollution sources. 


Key points in September: special emission limits for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate air pollutants discharged by all coal-fired boilers in urban administrative areas by the end of September. To investigate and punish excessive discharge in accordance with the law. Inspector around whether done wrong peak production scheme and the formulation of the list, does not perform wrong peak production enterprises in key industries, will take the task for approval according to the maximum allowed production load, and according to the requirements of the work plan for approval or for the record. 


Key points after October: 


(a) "small and disorganized" enterprises to ban the completion of tasks by the end of October; 


(2) 10 steaming tons and the following coal-fired boilers, as well as the ovens and operational small coal furnaces, to be eliminated from work by the end of October; 


(3) the special emission limits of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate air pollutants discharged by coal-fired boilers; 


(4) working conditions of emission permits issued by industries such as steel and cement; 


(5) emission of industrial pollution sources. 


The enterprise has single dare not to answer, household price rises is inevitable 


Last November, the environmental test and raw material prices rose a double whammy, household enterprise for environmental protection facilities transformation, carton packaging, material handling costs have risen, had some predict post-holiday household overall prices will rise about 30%. Although now the packing and shipping is not main problem, but is the result of environmental supervision and raw material prices pressure is still unabated, for manufacturing enterprise, is really "is the human does not go up, inflation is also reasonable." Since last November, shower room, chest and so on household building materials prices rose sharply, many people have been taking single prevent prices continue to rise ahead of time, after all, this kind of public goods, household guest unit price is high, is slightly a little bit up several hundred yuan, moreover is almost every household category rose. 


According to the third party market, according to the monitoring data of their own in the industry since the boom began after just over a month time, wooden door, chest prices 15% ~ 30%, and the size of home appliance price 20% ~ 35%, sanitary hardware also increases 20% ~ 40%, instead of to stop rising prices of raw materials and also have skyrocketed, packing carton is still out of stock, most manufacturers have discontinued in advance. The friend that still hesitates to want to decorate recently, must hurry up, otherwise the price may rise to you to cry no tears. 

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