The Most Stringent Environmental Remediation Action, Forced The Furniture Business Quietly Prices

- Feb 26, 2018-

In 2018, the environmental protection remediation campaign has become a hot topic in the domestic population. The number of environmental protection tax and the number of projects announced one after another in succession is more than 5 million this time. For the consumers, the government's extensive environmental protection is a good thing, but it has also become one of the causes of the product price increases.


In 2016, the country started to conduct a large inspection of environmental protection, many furniture companies think this array of environmental protection wind will shave past, did not expect that by 2017, environmental remediation more stringent, a series of environmental remediation actions allow enterprises to see the government to manage the environment determination.


In 2018, for the furniture industry, a tougher environmental remediation campaign would probably have called for a "green tax."

Publicize the number of green taxes and the number of projects


Six years of legislation, two deliberations, "Environmental Protection Tax Law" on January 1, 2018 shall come into operation. At present, nearly 30 provinces (cities, districts) have successively announced the amount of specific taxes and the number of projects on the use of environmental pollutants for air pollutants and water pollutants. Among them, the fees in Beijing are the highest in the country. Jiangsu, Tianjin, Hebei and Sichuan provinces ) The standard of environmental protection tax is 3-5 times of the minimum standard. The areas with relatively strong environmental carrying capacity in Ningxia, Gansu, Jiangxi and Jilin are equivalent to the standard of sewage charges; some provinces such as Shanxi, Hubei, Fujian and Yunnan appropriately raise the standards.


Several major major furniture also established the main origin of fees. In Guangdong, the amount of air pollutants per pollutant is 1.8 yuan and that of water pollutants is 2.8 yuan per pollutant. In Sichuan, the applicable tax amount for air pollutants is 3.9 yuan for each pollutant and the applicable tax for water pollutants is 2.8 yuan for each pollutant. Beijing and air pollution The applicable tax amount is 12 yuan per pollution equivalent and the applicable tax for water pollutants is 14 yuan per pollution equivalent.


Costs of furniture production increase "Environmental Protection Tax Law" made it clear that enterprises and institutions that discharge four taxable pollutants such as gas, water, solid and noise directly into the environment and other producers and operators need to pay environmental taxes, including most manufacturing Industry and some more serious pollution of the processing industry, involving more than 500 million various types of enterprises.


The research team of the Central University of Finance and Economics predicted that the scale of the environmental tax would far exceed the current sewage charges, levying or reaching 50 billion yuan each year, up nearly 3 times compared with the levied of 17.3 billion yuan in 2015.


Analysis of professionals pointed out that the annual output value of 50 million yuan for medium-sized furniture manufacturing enterprises, for example, the annual need to pay the amount of air pollutants tax, a total of about 60,000 -12 million; to be paid water pollutants tax, a total of about 8 Million -15 million; to be paid sawdust, dust, chemical waste and other solid waste taxes, a total of about 150,000 -30 million; need to pay the noise tax, a total of about 5000-2 million per month. In summary, the annual production of environmental taxes, should be 300,000 -70 million.


In Hebei, Guangdong, Sichuan furniture industry clusters, furniture companies annual environmental taxes will be higher, with previous environmental equipment rectification annual 150,000 -30 million investment, the annual total cost of 500,000 -100 million in environmental protection Investment for the furniture business will be a small expenditure, for small businesses will be a huge burden.


This means that 50 million yuan business spending on environmental protection, if all passed on to consumers, the ex-factory price of furniture increased by at least 1% to 2%. The cost increases for one or two points are likely to be the last straw that will crush a camel, for small and medium furniture companies that often have net margins of less than 10%.


Furniture business costs passed on to consumers


The current cost of furniture manufacturing industry is also facing labor costs up to 2.7 times the cost pressure, private financing costs more than 2 times the benchmark bank interest rates, logistics costs are twice the developed countries, a substantial increase in raw material costs. The rising cost of manufacturing enterprises, will inevitably lead to rising furniture prices.


Looked at the performance of furniture listed companies report, as early as early 2017, many companies furniture market prices have risen. Since the beginning of this year, with the rise of various costs, the drama of rising furniture has been staged. Some enterprises in order to maintain market share, try to delay the price rise time, reduce the rate of increase, but the cost continues to rise, forcing these companies to join the ranks of price increases.


A careful consumer found that many furniture prices quietly. Such as online sales of a furniture brand, although in recent years more and more various promotional activities, but in fact the overall product price increase of 25%.


Consumers have been accustomed to price increases. As early as a few months ago, friends circle is forwarding home, and even home appliances all kinds of price increases in 2018, this is by no means groundless. After all, in this era, price increases are weird.


It is foreseeable that in the new stage of economic development, suitable for environmental requirements will become an essential production conditions for furniture manufacturing enterprises, which will also accelerate the depth of reshuffle the furniture industry.

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