The Outdoor Art Of Germany DEDON, The World's Top Outdoor Furniture Brand

- Nov 15, 2019-

Dedon (Dalton, and east) originated from Germany, is the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture, has repeatedly won international design awards, such as Reddot and Innovation Dedon sub-suppliers, always careful meticulous and lead the fashion style, not only is the high-end luxury consumers love, also become including shangri-la, the four seasons, Liz international hotel groups such as long-term supplier.Its series of Tango, Orbit, Lounge and Daydream are ideal choices for outdoor swimming pools, gardens and terraces.

Dedon furniture

European championship champion Steven gerrard, talented car king Michael schumacher, and famous American biker cher have a special liking for Dedon's products, which are also favored by the royal family. The princess of Morocco and the king of Jordan decorate their palaces with them.

The bullet

All Dedon products are made of patented high-tech and environment-friendly fiber materials developed and monitored in Germany, with warm texture and smooth touch.Extremely resistant to high temperature and low temperature, strong resistance to climate and humidity changes;Uv resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, never fade;It only needs to be rinsed with clean water for easy care.The internal frame USES lightweight alloy materials and very few solder joints to keep the product stable.It adopts the traditional handicraft weaving technique of the Philippines, and every detail is exquisite and exquisite.

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