The Outdoor Furniture That Can Withstand The Wind And Rain Can Also Be Designed With Full Sense!

- Oct 23, 2019-

Outdoor sofa set

More design, more things!

Compare indoor furniture character, the optional sex of outdoor furniture is not tall, because want to place outdoor for a long time, want wear-resisting, firm on the choice that pledges material so, withstand "wind and rain beat".

Also because of this, outdoor furniture is often not as fashionable as indoor furniture in design.

But in Australia, there is a furniture store called Robert Plumb that specializes in outdoor furniture design. They design outdoor furniture that is exquisite and fashionable enough to fit indoors without any impact on the long-term "survival" of the furniture.

 Ribbon Range 

Their latest collection of outdoor furniture is called Ribbon Range, which gives people a sense of lightness visually. Solid materials and fashionable design perfectly blend.

The collection includes three-person sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and lounge chairs.

The Ribbon armchairs are made of stainless steel and welded by hand. The delicate curves of the armrests make this chair unique.

In the back of a chair of sofa part, added a curve designedly to use to accommodate cushion for leaning on.

All the products in the series are relatively low in height. The base of the coffee table is welded into the shape of a cross, which is beautiful and stable.

Stainless steel table baseStainless steel table base

With a stainless steel base and light-colored wood panels, it's simple enough to read outdoors or have a drink by the pool.


In addition to one of the above collections, Robert Plumb has other outstanding outdoor furniture.

This dining table is made of fine brass and solid rock. The brass frame and rock material will not fade or damage over time and is ideal for outdoor furniture.

The outdoor sofa stool of this long paragraph is formed by 3 small stools at will combination, wait for material to make by cement, limestone, synthetic fiber, modelling is very distinctive.

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