The Outdoor Furniture That Is Neglected By Chinese Market, Actually Good-looking And Easy To Use!

- Dec 06, 2019-

When we talk about outdoor furniture, we may think of park lounges, swing chairs, etc., which should be in an outdoor public space or in the courtyard of a villa.

In fact, outdoor furniture is a big concept, including outdoor and semi-outdoor furniture for public or personal leisure.

Outdoor furniture is not afraid geomantic rain drench, modelling returns mostly very chic, it may be said to be the necessary magic weapon that makes recreational, vogue, durable household space.

Today, let the author to introduce some high appearance level ultra durable outdoor furniture, let you re - understanding outdoor furniture.


"Hay" should be the designer brand that we are more familiar with now, pure Nordic modern product, founded in 2002, in a year after its establishment, the company launched the first furniture series products on the international furniture exhibition IMM held in cologne, and from then on, it became popular all over the world.

Chair of HAY design 3

HAY known as a Nordic lover's paradise, its rich and low-saturation color palette has made it a regular at various web celebrity stores over the past two years.

Chair of HAY design 2

Their outdoor collection is also eye-catching, with a simple and unified design language. Almost every "Hay" store has two.And the steel is strong and durable.

Chair of HAY design 1


From Denmark "Bloomingville", entered the home furnishing market in 2000, although the scale is far less than other brands, but comfortable leisurely, simple atmosphere style won them a group of loyal fans.

The product of their home is launched according to the season, for instance chun xia series encourages everybody to go out to enjoy sunshine and warmth, the furniture that makes of cane plait, lumber, pure cotton, flower pot, hammock, look warmer than the outdoor furniture of pure tie yi is much.

Still have the mat that picnic needs, basket, take advantage of sunshine just, don't light nest at home, go out to be close to nature also quite good.

Bloomingville's furniture 3

Bloomingville's furniture 2

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