The Smart Market Of Home Is Expanding Gradually, And The Future Consumption Environment Is More Abundant

- Oct 26, 2017-

VR, big data, new retail... With the promotion of hot spots, the smart experience of home furnishing gradually expands, and the businesses in the home industry are creating a better intelligent consumption experience for consumers in more appropriate ways. 

Smart + store experience opens the new smart home shopping experience 


The most notable aspect of the intelligent infiltration into the new retail is the emergence of "unattended sales", which can be realized by the smart door lock, smart shelf, intelligent weighing platform and other modules to realize the automatic shopping. 


This year on September 22, containing the service experience with large data driven and household experience of new retail stores "HomeTimes home era" opened in hangzhou, this is Tmall big data and intelligent hardware can assign offline retail new attempt. Store set up road shopping line, selling household act the role ofing is tasted, the bed is tasted, lamps and lanterns, small snacks, consumer scan qr code can see the name of commodity, price and other detailed information, select immediately after purchase can jump to the online store shopping, also can be in the store between the virtual prototype of electronic screen to find their favorite styles household scene, experience and yards after purchase. 


Prior to that, this year on July 26, be in Beijing was the home of the jin yuan store open its first unmanned convenience store, a layer of hall of diet food box, to the shop customers, by scanning qr code registered mobile phone number, after upload personal face, can brush "face", that take the door through the self-service register again after scanning the choose and buy goods, sweep through WeChat yards pay after complete shopping. 


If "no vending" looks cool, it makes it easier to "lie down" at home and pick out household items from all of your stores. Today's consumers through online and offline channels combination of the right to choose the household articles for use, the combination of multi-channel way enables consumers to shopping for a more efficient and more abundant than household goods. 

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