The United States Brazilian Furniture 2017 Fiscal Second Quarter Revenue Of 114 Million US Dollars

- Jul 04, 2017-

 Core announcement: June 29, 2017, Brazilian furniture (stock code: BSET) published earnings report, the company reported 2017 fiscal year second quarter net profit of 584.20 million US dollars, operating income of 114 million US dollars, the announcement shows the company 2017 Annual net profit of $ 870.3 million, operating income of $ 220 million.

 Brazilian furniture company was founded in 1902, and in 1930 in Virginia registered in accordance with the law. Up to 110 years of history, it uses every product manufactured to consolidate its quality, value and reputation, and with its expertise to respond to changing consumer demand and meet the needs of the global economy. The company is the leading retailer of branded household goods, manufacturers and marketers. Its product sales channels are mainly licensed for the company's own brand name BassettHomeFurnishings ("BHF") and also sold through other wholesale channels such as multi-store furniture stores (which include Bartet Gallery or Design Center) Shops and large shopping malls.

 The company shares rose 10.21% the day, the closing price of 36.1500 US dollars, turnover of 79,600 shares.

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