Tip Of Outdoor Furniture Materials

- Apr 15, 2017-

If in outdoor for a long time, inevitably, so wood choice if consider price factors, generally has two kinds of medium and high-grade wood choice, if you want to lower prices, and generally choose domestic metasequoia or pine, if you want to good anti-cracking, durability is strong, generally choose imported hill camphorwood, merbau, African teak or Burma teak; In addition, there are also many synthetic wood, like some plastic wood, environmental protection, such as wood, choose a kind of material made of solid wood furniture, after not only appearance beautiful, colour and lustre is good-looking, and tenon is not easy to crack, deformation. On the choice of fittings, you will be careful, because it is related to the outdoor furniture is strong and safe.

Metal material: generally speaking, there are PuGang, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, cast aluminum, PuGang, cast iron material is qualitative easy to rust, antirust aluminum alloy ability better, aluminum and stainless steel rust resistance is stronger, but the price is more expensive.


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