Traditional Old Craftsmanship: Brown Trampoline

- Nov 05, 2018-

First, the production process - wearing brown stretch

The process of making brown stretch is more complicated, and it is called brown stretch in Taizhou.

Use a straight hardwood to make a brown stretcher.

The strength of the brown trampoline is on the brown stretcher. The tree with the brown stretcher is best to use the high-quality old wood that has been dried for many years. The old wooden lotus looks like sporadic sesame-like tree stalks, but the toughness and hardness are both Ok, it won't break or crack. According to the size and size of the brown stretcher, the length of the wood load is determined.

Second, the advantages of brown trampoline

Brown stretch is a natural structure with many advantages not found in modern mattresses.

durable. A good brown trampoline can be used for at least 50 years.

Breathable. The brown stretch of the frame thickness to be raised is very breathable, and there is no moisture phenomenon. The winter is breathable and warm, and the summer is comfortable and cool.

Good elasticity, not hard or soft, good for bone growth.

Made of environmentally friendly materials, no glue, no paint, good environmental and health care functions.

Third, the brown trampoline is suitable for the crowd

People with lumbar muscle strain and poor waist are not suitable for sleeping soft mattresses, especially Simmons mattresses.

People with cervical spondylosis, waist and shoulder pads can not sleep on Simmons mattresses.

Therefore, a high-quality brown stretch mattress is better than any other kind of mattress, regardless of the developing child, pregnant woman, middle-aged, or the cervical and lumbar spine, it is suitable for sleeping brown.

(Some image sources: Tencent News)

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