Vigorously Promote The Application Of Aluminum In The Home Industry To Dissolve The Excess Capacity Of Electrolytic Aluminum

- Nov 02, 2017-

"Today, the area of aluminum applications is becoming more and more widespread, with space aviation, transportation, small household appliances, POTS and pans, almost all the way around people's clothing and clothing." In a "top BBS expanded aluminum furniture application" on, China nonferrous metals industry association Chen Quanxun revealed that in our country to promote the application of aluminum, not only has a solid industrial foundation and broad consumer outlook, and dissolve the electrolytic aluminium powerful fulcrum of excess capacity.

Statistics show that there are 113 industries related to aluminum in our existing 124 industries. It can be said that in the whole life cycle of aluminum, its excellent light and recycling performance has brought great social and environmental benefits to many industries, and has been recognized more and more widely. With the popularization of environmental awareness and the advancement of science and technology, many industries have been transformed into "greening", and the home industry is no exception.

"Green development has become a necessary choice for the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of household enterprises and the realization of sustainable development." Zhang bingbing, secretary general of the China furniture association, said the development of the furniture industry has slowed significantly and is in a painful period of transition and upgrading. At the same time, along with two years significantly increased cost of wood, and people on indoor environmental problem more and more attention, with aluminum alloy instead of wood furniture will be a direction of the development of the household industry transformation in the future.

Aluminum furniture has the characteristics of green environmental protection, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Refers to aluminum profile and aluminum furniture plate as the main material, its surface is coated, spray, wood grain transfer printing technology, combined with the use of plastic, glass, leather and other materials of various kinds of functions such as sit, support, storage household products.

Compared with the plate wood furniture, solid wood furniture, aluminum furniture with material, environmental protection, waterproof and moistureproof, mothproof, flame retardant zero formaldehyde and other advantages, is very suitable for family hutch defends, medical furniture, especially in relatively humid south China family use. Process, aluminum furniture also has a big lift, aluminium furniture not only can make the surface treatment of rich color, still can satisfy intelligence, individuation and so on many aspects match demand.

"In terms of family decoration, environmental protection and practicality are the primary concerns of nearly 60% of consumers." According to a group of survey data released by qian xiaoyu, vice President of the China forestry industry association, nearly half of the consumers who buy single-piece home products first consider materials and environmental protection.

After seeing the broad market prospect, sharp household enterprises and aluminum profile enterprises have invested in the establishment of r&d centers and actively transformed. According to the latest data, there are more than 200 aluminum extruders in the country who have voluntarily entered the production services of aluminum furniture.

In foshan, guangdong, for example, last year, according to the statistical data of foshan engaged in aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum decoration and hardware stores more than 2000, but because of this a few years the real estate development is relatively slow, the competition is intense, the aluminum furniture companies transformation development. However, there are only a few dozen companies that can actually produce aluminum furniture, and most of them are small, and the overall strength of the enterprise generally leads to a very monotonous model of aluminum furniture products in the market.

At the same time, production efficiency is low, difficult to mass production. After years of development, the board type furniture has formed according to consumer demand for standardization and mass production process, can be carried out large-scale production, and aluminum furniture is limited by the processing technology, it is difficult to achieve large-scale production. In addition, as a new household category, the aluminum household enterprises are mainly in the business of the distribution of door and window profiles dealers, with a low degree of specialisation and no particular brand.

"Green is always the biggest competitive advantage for aluminum." Industry experts suggest that for the future development of aluminum furniture industry, on the one hand, we should strengthen product design and innovation and actively seek to diversify and individualize in style. On the other hand, we should find the proper entry point between the traditional plate household and real wood home, and cooperate with the real estate developer's hardcover project. In the future, as people continue to pay attention to the sustainable life of green, as well as the increasingly mature aluminum household production process, aluminum furniture will be widely used in household products.

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