What Are The Paths Of Chinese Furniture Design From Weak To Strong?

- Sep 25, 2017-

Niche design path

With the accumulation of people's material wealth, the era of personalization has come.

Has been dubbed the "personality, self" after 80, 90, is becoming the main force of consumer, after the aesthetic level, to furniture already can not meet the needs of its basic functions, in the face of many brands, personalized design can help consumers quickly identify, easy to promote and increase product added value.

With the design as the carrier, the integration of the designer's understanding and the furniture products created by the perception of life enables us to see more possibilities of furniture design. The emergence of small, multi-breed niche market makes furniture design more likely.

The development of economy makes the service market more refined and the niche market of furniture design is more abundant. According to our knowledge of the domestic furniture design market, it can be divided into several models:

1. Designer brands: independent designers make their own products and have distinctive personal marks, but they are relatively small, and the products are relatively insufficiently systematic, and are mostly produced in small batches.

2. Design brand: the brand of original design, which is founded by the team of designers, is relatively sensitive to the needs of the new generation of consumers, and the team is more flexible and the high-end route is more advanced.

3. Network design company: through Internet technology, interaction design, whole-course hosting service, flexible cooperation mode. Such as the young furniture network, the collection of designer resources, the main personalized furniture customization.

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