What Is Green Home?

- Oct 12, 2017-

 Green comes from nature, trees, flowers, green leaves can give life into vitality, can add fun to life. The introduction of the natural landscape into the room will bring infinite vitality to the room, which is particularly important for urban residents who have long been divorced from nature because they can meet the psychological needs of people "return to nature" to a certain extent.

 At present, green home is now gradually become a home concept, it is said that household products are more healthy, more environmentally friendly. Green home is the introduction of the natural landscape miniature into the room, to the room to bring infinite vitality, which for long-term nature from the city residents is particularly important, because it can to some extent to meet people "return to nature" psychology need. Green home contains two meanings, one refers to the home decoration, furniture, electrical appliances, home decoration and so on the use of environmentally friendly materials; the second refers to the home through the electrical appliances, furniture, decoration and other display, the home environment to return to natural environmental protection status. Green home is to give people more humane services to provide home products, so that people in the home life less trouble, more health and convenience.

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