What Is Sofa Sets

- Jan 09, 2017-

Sofa is a sofa coat, generally in the order business when the sofa would suggest that an extra sofa for a change.

Unloading sofa sets, purpose is convenient disassembly cleaning; but common of can demolition sofa sets almost is with stick buckle with bonded in sofa of surface, sofa surface has a layer polyester business fluff cloth cover with to stick buckle with of hair surface, sofa sets sewing stick buckle with of thorn surface; in sofa sets cleaning process in the will has such a situation occurred: is thorn surface will stabbed fabric fiber, led to fabric appeared hook silk, and broken silk, and broken hole phenomenon, directly led to sofa sets damaged cannot using; This manufacturer will sell a polyester pile cloth sofa is equipped with strips of cloth, to facilitate the sofa before cleaning thorn surface pile cloth strips glued together, reaching separated spines and oil on contact friction condition; it is theoretically solved some problems, but at the same time increases the difficulty of cleaning sand hair!

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