What Is The Chinese Style Furniture

- May 08, 2017-

Concept series furniture China, and it is based on Chinese traditional furniture, absorb the traditional furniture art form and technique of expression, the pursuit of the modelling of Ming style, concise and fluent line and meaningful lasting appeal, combined with modern fashion style furniture and technological means, at the same time in harmony living environment and lifestyle of modern China, carefully designed many series (including) the sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, study new classic furniture.

Chinese modern concept of Chinese style furniture in the style of Chinese furniture, will be the fine tradition of the Chinese nation essence, apply to furniture, with the modern's aesthetic standards are modified and fusion, absorbing the traditional elements of points, combined with modern aesthetics, is concise and easy, and with the ancient elegant temperament, it is a combination of buddhist culture, Taoism culture, Confucianism culture, tea culture, the thought of porcelain culture and so on, gives the furniture culture value and the life taste.

The flagship of the Chinese style new classic solid wood series, classical Chinese furniture culture essence and the combination of modern fashion taste, both the elegant charm of Oriental classical culture, and have the character of the contemporary household life, fashion taste, a combination of both, to express the theme of promoting the perfection of an art, exquisite and elegant style.

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