What Process Does The Outdoor Family Have

- Sep 27, 2017-

What kind of craft does the outdoors have? 

1, drying 

Use high quality wood, wood first in the oven at the temperature of 70 degrees or so for more than 15 days, in order to sterilize the insects, and the water in the wood below 10 degrees, prevent the use of the deformation. 

2, soak 

The oil is soaked in imported outdoor oil, the oil is deep wood, and the maximum protection is. 

3. Surface treatment 

Aluminum alloy is the stamping forming, seldom welding, the use of the famous brand cold plating paint casting adopt the famous brand paint, many times anti-rust treatment, the steel parts adopt the electrolytic galvanizing treatment, do not oxidize the color does not rust. Stainless steel parts are made of 304 material, stainless steel without oxidation and beautiful. 


Commonly used solid wood tenon is fixed, so beautiful and durable, but need good carpenter technology to look good, some places are fixed with screw connection, metal welding method is commonly used in fixed, is also a useful method of screw fixation. 

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