When Can Child Furniture Plagiarize?

- Dec 06, 2017-

  Some experts say that the main reason for the infringement of children's furniture is that the original design of children's furniture is expensive and difficult to design. There are also fast furniture updates, short patents, poor designers, and few new designs. After the introduction of the oaks of doudou, it was imitated by many competitive brands in their styles. As one of the most plagiarized brands, the products are among the most copied. 


Children's furniture design by reckless plagiarism phenomenon, not only lead to consumers could buy without security, environmental protection proves that even inferior product against law of children grow up, to actively implement the original design and independent innovation brand is fatal injury. When "copying" becomes a habit, children's furniture markets become homogenous. Not only children furniture, Chinese style, outdoor and custom furniture have a kind of copycat. And our Honly furniture focuses on self-development, using material collocation to innovate, rather than simple appearance design. We need to spend more time thinking about it and studying it, so that it can shine at home and internationally. 

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