When The First Snow Comes, Honly Furniture Teaches You How To Protect Your Furniture For The Winter

- Nov 23, 2017-

In the winter, many families either have heating or long-term air conditioning, resulting in indoor drying, and some of the furniture will crack. So entering winter, furniture needs how to maintain ability to extend service life?

Keeping indoor humidity is a top priority

Humidity is the key of winter furniture maintenance. The winter cold cause air moisture decreased, with air conditioning and indoor heating "baking", home furniture is easy to crack, even appear fade phenomenon, so the humidity is the key to furniture maintenance.

Wood moisture absorption characteristics make them susceptible to the influence of the environment and change, so it is best to evenly humidification, repeat the humidifier in ventilation, illumination modest local maintenance of furniture, you can't close to the furniture. Otherwise, make lumber absorb moisture expands, cause furniture to crack, mildew. Keep the room humidity at 40%~ 60%.

Regular cleaning to prevent dust invasion

The dust produced by road construction, construction sites, vehicles and so on is not only uncomfortable, but also a test of furniture. For furniture, especially wooden furniture, dust is the first killer. General with annatto, teak, oak, walnut and so on to make the comparison of high-grade log furniture, there will be many elegant carve patterns or designs on woodwork, these places are most likely to dust, such as not clean regularly ash, will accelerate the aging speed of furniture.

Warm reminder: application in clean soft cloth to wipe, but avoid using wet cloth, it is best to use special furniture oils, in order to better furniture locks in moisture, prevent the deformation, the purpose of prolonging the service life of the furniture.

Reduce window opening to avoid direct sunlight

Many people think that turn on heating will let indoor temperature rise, through open window can make indoor maintain ventilated, to prevent furniture craze. Li chao, a person in the industry, said opening Windows only reduces humidity in the house and creates a drier environment for furniture. The real reason for the rift is humidity rather than temperature. The winter should reduce the ventilation time, this is the proper method of furniture maintenance.

In addition, furniture placement position is better to avoid the direct exposure of sunlight outside the window, paint can not stand the long time sun, winter summer is so, otherwise will appear the circumstance that fades. The inhomogeneity of the sun can also cause another terrible result, a set of two nightstand, after a period of sun exposure, two bedside table display completely different color. Metal fittings can also be oxidized and deteriorated, the materials of materials are brittle. If the position that furniture puts is really cannot change, it is better to use curtain to wait for sunshine to be separated.

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