Whole Aluminum PK Solid Wood, The Whole Aluminum Furniture Of Formaldehyde Can Lead The Tide?

- Nov 28, 2017-

Domestic all-aluminum furniture belongs to the initial stage, which is a trendy product for consumers. Domestic is still in the traditional wooden furniture for the mainstream, and exist in all aluminum furniture production process cumbersome, detail processing is not in place, so want to let the public accept all aluminum furniture still has some way to go.
Compared with wood furniture, aluminum furniture has a better extensibility and strength than wood furniture. However, the concept of traditional wooden furniture is still deeply rooted in the domestic public. Therefore at present, all aluminum furniture manufacturer USES the wood grain transfer printing, imitates the appearance of woodiness furniture, but whole aluminum furniture should not be confined to imitate the appearance of woodiness furniture, should play its own characteristic.
Current home market condition
In terms of the market, it is still traditional wooden furniture is the mainstream, all aluminum furniture occupies only a small part of the market, there are several reasons for this. All aluminum furniture is a new word after all in China, traditional wooden furniture is deeply ingrained in the public. There is still a long way to go to get the public to accept all-aluminum furniture and choose all-aluminum furniture.
Domestic whole aluminum furniture industry development is still in the initial stage, the technology is not very mature compared to the foreign countries, there is the production process cumbersome, the details are not in place and so on. The development route also has the problem, the product of many manufacturer is to use aluminous copy wood furniture, the characteristic that does not give full aluminum furniture. All aluminum furniture should go to own contemporary strong, contracted road, the characteristic that exers oneself all aluminium.
Whole aluminum furniture is through extrusion, bending and so on a series of process made, also through advanced technology detection plate is flawed, and consumers don't have to worry about material, and now the aluminum alloy material can withstand the high temperature of 200 degrees, use fixed number of year for 50 years. When buying, will let the consumer save heart, the worry saves too much trouble.
The entire aluminium household has a promising future
At present, all aluminum furniture can be covered in the fields and products: civilian furniture; Education office; Sports medicine.
Civil furniture: closet, cabinet, table, cabinet, antistatic floor, decoration class, bed, wine cabinet, bathroom, tea table, TV cabinet, bookshelf, aquarium, etc.
Office: desk and chair of family students, desks and chairs of schools, office partitions, desks, chairs, chairs, etc.
Sports medicine: crutches, first-aid boxes, stretchers, wheelchairs, sunshine rooms, whole aluminum houses, etc.
All aluminum furniture has better extensibility than traditional furniture, the material determines strength, strength determines availability. Utility or can't do a lot of traditional furniture, not very ideal, can very good qualified for all aluminum furniture, because the furniture is more functional, practical, the advantage of this whole aluminum furniture will be in the future in the development of more obvious.
From the development trend of whole furniture, furniture industry is sure to develop toward the direction of intelligent furniture. Or future furniture industry is dominated by intelligent furniture, multiple and building materials, construction ministry to taste the industry or related industry, the industry is underway in drafting or the industry "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", one of the intelligent furniture industry planning first, the best prepared, attention is the highest.
All-aluminum PK solid wood, zero - formaldehyde
Traditional furniture USES wood mostly, the reserve and easy processing degree are all aluminum furniture is dominant. Secondly, the natural growth of wood and the inevitable result of many defects. Such as:
A natural defect. Such as wooden joints, twill, and defects due to growth stress or natural injury. Included in the wood of the trunk or main branch wood is called the wood section, which can be divided into the dead and the living quarters. According to the wood section material can be divided into perfect and rotten sections. The twill of logs is often referred to as the twist, and the blade is called twill.
The defects of living things. It is mainly decayed, discoloured and worm-eaten.
The defects caused by drying and machining. If the defects such as cracking, warping, saw-mouth injuries reduce the use value of wood, aluminum is produced in blocks that will not be the inevitable defects caused by the growth of wood.
The most important point, all aluminum furniture formaldehyde! The real wood furniture on the market price is generally higher, a lot of people in the interests of the driven, shoddy, or just pretend to be, as solid wood furniture, but in the end consumers buy is real wood frame, joinery board, multilayer board, imitation solid wood, stick wood, and even the furniture of high density fiberboard. These synthetic plate used in the production process of formaldehyde, benzene, benzene content of adhesive materials, such as can be 3 to 15 years, great harm to the human body, the problem is also a people in home outfit after the release of problem.
Because the process is different, all aluminum furniture is to use plug, welding, fixed with glue, screws, etc is extrusion chunks of material at the same time, also won't like stitching is used when a large number of wood adhesives, simply don't have to worry about problem of formaldehyde. So all aluminum furniture won't use a formaldehyde material at all? The answer is no, some of the whole aluminum furniture is on the European style of the processing with adhesive glue to go up. But the amount of formaldehyde that is carried in this part is negligible compared to the man-made board.
From the strength point of view, due to the characteristics of aluminum, intensity is much larger than wood, completely solve the problem of crack deformation, adapt to the environment temperature expansion coefficient is small, have fire prevention, insect-resistant eat by moth, the advantages of the long-term blisters from decay. Wooden furniture always has easy to be damaged, surface scratches damaged, wood paint off, Fried lacquer, and aluminum alloy materials are not easy to deform, durable, non-deformation and other characteristics.
The whole aluminum household is out of the mainstream and half of the mountain
Because of intelligent furniture in the Internet, information industry, manufacturing, construction, real estate industry, industry and other fields, in their respective "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, therefore, has a different strategic positioning and textual content. The reason why smart furniture is in the 13th five-year plan is the focus of many industries. On the one hand, this new industry is in line with the development trend of the world and its broad prospects of embracing the Internet. On the other hand, it is the consumer market and space of this new industry, which is favored by various industries.
From the perspective of mechanical intelligent furniture, aluminum is of light weight and strength, and it is less pressure to mechanical. After repeated mechanical activities, the damage may be much smaller than that of wood furniture. From the view of electronic intelligent furniture, the whole aluminum furniture is available cavity, can be expanded even better, the process that wood furniture makes intelligent furniture is more complicated, the process that increases cost without shape again.
From the current stage of all aluminum furniture manufacturer's product direction, most of the manufacturers are to transfer all aluminum furniture, imitating the traditional wooden furniture appearance. The author thinks that this point can not play the advantage of aluminum furniture of all aluminum furniture, the traditional furniture to reflect the modern feeling in the furniture concept will join the aluminum alloy element, enhance the modern sense. Why did all the aluminum furniture run back and pack it into wooden furniture? All aluminum furniture even if the packaging again resemble woodiness furniture also is not wooden furniture, cannot have the many characteristic of woodiness furniture.
Therefore, all aluminum furniture should use its own characteristics, form its own furniture concept and design style, go its own way. Compared with traditional wooden furniture, all aluminum furniture has better strength, better performance, and the most important point is environmental free formaldehyde. The national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection is beneficial to the development of whole aluminum furniture industry.
All aluminum furniture should break the public's dependence on wood furniture, making public acceptance and selection still have a long way to go. All the furniture, pack and full aluminium furniture should not be confined to imitate the development direction of traditional wooden furniture modelling, should play their own characteristics, takes his own sense of modern, science and technology course, under the concept of intelligent furniture out their own path

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