Whole House Custom Home Chaos Cluster Group Standards Will Be Implemented On March 15

- Mar 13, 2018-

With the increasing demand for personalization, “custom furniture for the whole house” is increasingly favored by consumers. However, how do you know about the tricks in the whole house customization? On the eve of 3.15, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee issued a customized consumer review report for the entire housing estate. The lack of standards, confusion in pricing, non-standard materials, and inconsistent costs have become chaos in the industry. In this regard, the city Consumer Protection Committee, said "full house custom wood (system) furniture," Shanghai group standards will be implemented on March 15 this year.

Confused wood-based panels and solid wood

The physical examination collected 29 consumers, involving 13 brands. The contracted amount of customized furniture ranges from 11,500 to 128,000 yuan. Due to the lack of relevant standards in the new format, there is no standard for custom design, production, and installation in the whole house. The 29 standard product contracts that are inspected are not clearly referenced.

There is no standard, material identification, of course, will not be standardized. Of the 20 material marking surveys conducted by 20 of them, only 4 of them indicated the main materials on contracts or orders, 15 did not specify the name of the wood used for furniture, the name of the wood-based panel, and the parts used, and there was a nominal material. The measured material is inconsistent.

Utilizing this "loophole", some companies have even confused man-made panels and solid wood and have played the ball. In a custom furniture product quotation, the material column is labeled "SKL British White Oak," which mistakenly believes it to be solid wood, but the company says "SKL" means solid wood particle board, and "English white oak" refers to The color of the wood-based panel. In addition, some companies in the quotation, will be "ash wood" "ash wood" and other solid wood to describe the product's color and color, very misleading.

Deviation up to 23%

Another more serious problem is the pricing method and the settlement of expenses. According to the survey, at the time of the contract, the company will quote according to the four different pricing methods, namely, the area to be opened, the projected area, the price per item, and the deferred meter price. In the examination, 13 were billed by area, 8 by billing, 5 by billed area, 2 by 2 methods, and 1 by no billing method.

It was also found that the measured area and length of some custom-made furniture were inconsistent with the quoted data on the quotation and contract. The deviation rate of 19 sample areas varied from 0.08% to 23%, and the deviation rate of 2 samples exceeded 20%. Among them, for a custom partitioned cabinet product, the total area in the quotation is 16.64 square meters, while the artificially estimated area is only 12.77 square meters, and the deviation reaches 23%. For some companies that are “狡猾”, the glass area of a glass door containing a customized furniture sample contains a border. When the company calculates the price, it first calculates the area of the glass and then calculates the plate surface again, which is obviously unreasonable.

Some custom furniture also has variations in panel thickness, hardware brand, quantity, and inventory inconsistencies. For example, the order indicates that the thickness of the board is 25 mm, the measured 18 mm, the list is written with 16 hinges, and only 13 are found on the site.

In addition, the lack of effective communication and uniform standards among consumers who reflect the process of “custom house customization” has led to differences between the initial design and finished product installation, and these defects are often not discovered until the installation stage. For example, when the finished product is installed, it cannot be attached to the ceiling, and it cannot meet the “custom” requirements.

The group standard 3·15 implementation

The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee stated that the “custom house customization” industry involves many enterprises, large market demands and high prices. However, there is a big difference between this type of furniture and traditional furniture. Current standards cannot meet consumer demand, and standards should be accelerated. And introduced.

In order to solve the problems of “custom house customization” with uncertain customization, unclear rules, and opaque information, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee has jointly organized the Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, Shanghai Interior Decoration Industry Association, Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, and Shanghai Decoration. Industry associations, the Shanghai Construction Materials Industry Association and 47 companies jointly developed the "Shanghai Custom House Furniture (Standard Furniture)" Shanghai standard and will be implemented on March 15 this year.

In addition, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Committee reminds consumers that when signing a contract, the material, style, and design requirements of the furniture should be written in a written contract to protect the legitimate rights and interests. During the settlement process, the company shall specify the pricing method adopted by the product in the contract or order and explain and explain to the consumer. The accuracy of the accuracy of the measurement value, area, and the use of hardware that may affect the final price shall be ensured. inform.

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