Whole House Customization To Drive Building Materials Sales, Can The Coating Industry Enter The Market?

- Dec 05, 2017-

  The whole house customization has broad market prospect, still can drive building material sale, let ceramic tile, floor, coating and other industries begin to plan how to enter this market. However for due to large scale of enterprise is not much, if you want to put into the layout of the art coating or coating, long return period is cannot afford the cost of small businesses, so the whole house custom to succeed in due to replication is still has the certain difficulty. 

Nowadays, literally to interview a terminal market of ordinary paint dealers, thinking what he might not understand the Internet, but he can't be certain to customize this whole house on the Internet thought under the concept of said strange, even published some own view about its developing tendency; And most coating companies not only use the whole house as the next growth point, but also have already laid out the posture of marching. 

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