Why Do Some People Sleep Bed? Honly Furniture To Tell You

- Jun 27, 2017-

  Look at the bed, also called "one effect". Masako Tamaki of Brown University in the United States and his colleagues in the "Journal of Contemporary Biology" reveals the nature of the "bed" phenomenon.

  In fact, the bed of people in addition to the "bed", there are environment. The study found that because different beds have different characteristics, either too soft, too hard, or dry, or wet, even size, shape, and flatness are not the same ... When we are in a strange bed, To a strange environment - so our body will automatically identify changes in sleep position, resulting in our left hemisphere is in the "awake" state, this is to keep alert in the unknown environment in order to "dangerous" Occurs when you wake up in sleep. And once we spend time familiar with the new bed, the bed will not happen again. In fact, a good romance bed and familiar living environment is very important for people's sleep. For example, at home soft and comfortable Long Lok Fu bed, even if the railway near the night through the rumbling train, will not wake you; but when you sleep in a strange hotel bed, that is, toilet water gently The sound of water drops, will make you difficult to sleep, which is not suited to the hearing. At the home of the top ten mattress brand Lund Buddha bed, pillow regardless of soft and hard, quilt regardless of severity, will not affect you to sleep; can be in the hotel bed, despite the pillow clean and tidy, blanket soft and soft, sleep in bed but do not feel Too soft is too hard, resulting in insomnia, which is not touch on the touch.

In fact, in a sense, but also a lack of sense of security experience.

Just another bed to sleep, where there are so many dangerous information for you to collect? In fact, it is very necessary for ancient humans, thanks to this self-protection instincts, so that they are in the scorching environment, more quickly to avoid disadvantages, to survive ... ... also have now us.

Therefore, the "prehistoric era" origin of human beings, we still clearly retain this "bed" behavior, leading to long night long, unintentional sleep.

So, in a strange environment how to bid farewell to "bed" it?

Buddha called auspicious lying, sleep is not Yang, not overlooking the right lying as a bow. Right lying is a healthy gesture, why should the right lie? We may know that a common sense is the heart on the left, more importantly, when we sleep to be up, overlooking, overlooking will oppress our organs, up our eyes will open, eat food after the pressure on top, Will hurt our stomach. What is the purpose of our sleep? Recharge your mind, is to make our yang recovery more adequate, when you lie right, every organ it is closed, it can naturally keep our spirit, so sleep, so this is very important.

Again a common sense, that is, when sleeping, we can not directly let air conditioning and fan blowing to our body. Because we sleep at night when the yang is very weak, if once the hair, it will blow away the yang, the next morning up, we will see the eyes swollen, general weakness. So we have to open the air conditioning in the south, the temperature of an hour to turn off, can not directly blow, can not open the window.

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