Winter Furniture Maintenance Cheats

- Dec 16, 2017-

With the improvement of people's living quality, the demand for furniture is mostly wood products. Today's furniture market, solid wood furniture, wood-based panel furniture, rattan furniture and other natural plants to create green furniture. Such furniture has a beautiful natural, environmental health advantages. But for maintenance it is necessary to spend a little bit of heart. Especially in the dry winter, how to make furniture safe for the winter, take a look at today Xiaobian send you the winter furniture maintenance Cheats.
First, wooden furniture should be kept away from the humidifier
Wood furniture insulation in order to prevent cracking, but be careful not to let the humidifier directly on the wooden furniture, or for a long time away from the warmer too much, this will make wood furniture, local moisture caused by mildew, swelling and other issues.
And do not put wooden furniture in the place of direct sunlight, it will cause local paint fading or premature aging of wood deformation, so for wood furniture, the relatively cool, ventilated place is the best choice. In addition, we must pay attention to the maintenance of wood furniture film. In general, it is not recommended to wipe the furniture surface with a coarse cloth to prevent damage to the paint.
Second, solid wood furniture at least once a year to play a wax
In the heating season, should be regularly for the wood furniture, wood floor waxing, every 6-12 months, with a special furniture cream wax for the furniture on a layer of wax. Before waxing, use mild, non-alkaline soapy water to remove the old wax.
If you encounter moldy solid wood furniture, you can use a clean cloth dipped in neutral detergent or furniture special cleaning agent. Then gently apply a layer of furniture wax or furniture essential oil to the moldy parts and place soap or soapy gauze in a musty place to help eliminate musty taste.
Third, the vine furniture often clean anti-bacterial breeding
Rattan furniture is not afraid of damp, but it is facing the problem of bacterial growth. In the heating season, if you do not diligently cleaning, rattan cracks will easily moldy, breeding mold. Experts suggest that regular cleaning rattan furniture, and pay attention to room ventilation. It should be noted that rattan furniture to avoid direct sunlight for a long time after cleaning, to avoid close to the fire, to prevent the fading rattan material, dry, deformed, bent, cracked, loose and disconnected. In addition, the use of a period of time, can be wiped with salt water, both decontamination and flexibility to maintain long-lasting decline, as well as a certain anti-crisp, anti-moth effect.
Fourth, the most afraid of wood-based panel edge sealing
Wood-based panels are wood or other non-wood plants as raw materials, after a certain mechanical separation into various unit materials, with or without adhesive and other additives glued plate or molded products. Therefore, the edge of lax or poor quality of the surface material of wood-based panel furniture, the core is very easy to absorb the moisture in the air, resulting in furniture board expansion, damage.
Experts suggest that in the use of wood-based panel furniture, pay attention to waterproof, especially in the first floor of consumers, you can install a waterproof pad under the furniture. For furniture near the exterior wall or bathroom wall, it is best to leave the ventilation distance.
In general, try not to spread a large area on the floor ornaments (such as carpets, etc.), furniture should also choose a leg, similar to the bed that can hold quilt and other items under the bed easy to block heat radiation, will reduce the effective cooling Area and hot air flow lead to thermal effects weakened, it is recommended not to choose. As the solid wood furniture deformation cracking slightly larger, in a dry environment, the use of geothermal wood furniture will certainly have some impact. Therefore, it is recommended that owners should maintain indoor humidity and avoid over-drying.

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