Wooden Furniture Is A Moth-proof Strategy

- Jun 08, 2017-

The paint coating 

On class besmear brushs paint has not yet been victims of woodiness furniture, with raw tung oil, shellac varnish or lacquer coating, such as to besmear of wooden furniture, make it completely isolated from the rest of moths, achieve the goal of moth-proofing. However, it is important to note that when the brush is painted, any place of wood furniture should be brushed evenly to ensure that the paint is beautiful and strong. 

Dry cleaning 

On sunny days, the wooden furniture that has been decayed by the moth is placed in the chaoyang area, and the wooden furniture is completely covered with wool brush or cotton yarn. Sun 2 3 hours and then apply 1 again, then wash and dry with detergent powder. 


If the furniture has been decayed by worms, it is suggested to replace the furniture. You can change aluminum furniture or teak furniture. 

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