Work Together With Coatings Companies To Promote Environmentally Friendly Waterborne Coatings

- Jun 19, 2019-

  Wang Ke, president of the Guangdong Furniture Association, said that after more than 30 years of reform and opening up, the Guangdong furniture industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong. Previously used more solvent-based coatings such as oil. However, as people's requirements for environmental protection and greenness of furniture are getting higher and higher, the formaldehyde and irritating odor released by oily coatings are more and more, and they are unable to meet the needs of people. Although water-based paints have a lower proportion in the past, they are much more environmentally friendly than organic solvents as organic thinners. At present, they are the best coatings for the common needs of citizens' consumption, furniture industry transformation and upgrading. The choice is also the requirement for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and support environmental protection.

As a traditional advantage industry in Guangdong, Shunde Furniture Industry has the honor of having China's furniture manufacturing center and China's furniture materials capital, as well as seven major furniture and auxiliary materials markets, which have gathered high and low-grade materials. After extensive development, the furniture and materials industry is also making full use of the technological advantages and platform advantages of Shunde Furniture R&D Institute to promote the construction of “Waterborne Wood Coating Spraying Application Experience Center” and actively introduce excellent water-based paint companies across the country. Entering.

Taking this as an opportunity, we will vigorously promote the cooperation of industry, university and research institutes, and promote the establishment of production, research and research cooperation bases for furniture manufacturing enterprises, water-based coatings enterprises and major institutions of higher learning. Since the beginning of this year, we have held a number of activities such as “Application Technology Forum for Waterborne Wood Coatings in Furniture” and “Waterborne Wood Coatings Application Achievement Exhibition”. We regularly organize coating companies to connect with furniture companies, and many companies have signed strategic cooperation. The agreement enabled the project to achieve industrial docking.

In addition, the provincial association, the Buddhist Academy, the paint company, and the furniture enterprise were organized to form the “China Waterborne Wood Coatings (Foshan) Industry Technology Alliance”. In order to make the water-based wood coatings coating industrialization project better, in May, the “China (Shunde Longjiang) Waterborne Wood Coatings Industrialization” Work Conference and “Shunde Longjiang Waterborne Wood Coatings Spraying Technology” was organized. The Application Service Center project feasibility discussion meeting invites well-known experts and scholars from various industries and institutions to demonstrate the center.

Tan Fengxian revealed that the "Shunde "three high and one low" enterprise adjustment and implementation plan" has been consulted in the previous period, and the official documents may be released in the near future. In the plan, the furniture manufacturing industry of Longjiang and Lecong is regarded as the central work of industrial adjustment and upgrading, and according to the VOCs emissions of enterprises as the focus of rectification, the elimination of batches, rectification of batches and upgrading of batches are implemented. Tan Fengxian said that a large part of the VOCs emissions from furniture manufacturers are derived from traditional oil-based coatings. The promotion and application of water-based coatings will provide a way out for the adjustment and upgrading of furniture companies.

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